2018 Am Organic Malbec Reserva


Am Organic

Malbec Reserva


2018 Am Organic Malbec Reserva
Best Organic Malbec


Am Organic

Malbec Reserva


  • Vineyard

    Sagrada Familia
    Curicó Valley, Chile
    Latitude -34.997360, Longitude -71.344438

    St. Stephen Organic Vineyards lies within the same 50 miles' latitude range as the best vineyards of the southern hemisphere, including the Barossa Valley, Australia, Mendoza, Argentina, and Stellenbosch, South Africa.

    WATER SOURCE : Andean snow melt, deep well, drip irrigation.

    SOIL : Dark, rich, volcanic soil. Flat terrain. Good drainage.

    CLIMATE : Warm, sunny days promote ideal growth, and cool nights slow the conversion of stored sugars.


    HARVEST : Grapes are selected and harvested by hand in April, 2016. Grapes sorted by quality into small bins in the field.

  • Tasting Note

    In Mapuche, the native language of pre-colonial Chile, the word Am means “beautiful spirit”. We thought this a good name for this wine.

    This is a magnificent Malbec wine from the Curicó Valley characterized by its red-blond color. Violet notes, soft, pleasant fruit on the nose, red fruits, plum, cherry, soft, light mouth, good tannin, medium body soft with character, spicy notes like pepper but soft with tobacco leaves, berries.

  • Production Technique

    WINEMAKER : José Antonio Bravo von Bischoffshausen

    PROCESS : Harvest early in the morning brings the grapes to the cellar with a low temperature, so that they can be marinated a couple of days before starting the alcoholic fermentation, which is carried out in about 14 days, with a 2-day regimen of soft, malolactic fermentation in barrels.

    AGING : 6 months in French oak barrels, 50% new oak

    BOTTLING DATE : November, 2018

    Alcohol Content 13.5% by Volume
    Total Acidity (H2SO4) 4.31 g/L
    Residual Sugar 1.87 g/L
    pH 3.75
    Total SO2 0.067 g/L

    Bottle 750 ml, natural cork, bar code 856317004169
    Case (12 Bottles) bar code 10856317004166

  • Review

    Reviewer: Master Sommelier Catherine Fallis, Planet Grape LLC

    Review Dates: September 21-24, 2021, San Francisco, CA

    Day One: Bright, lightly saturated, ruby with a clear meniscus. Moderately viscous.

    Complex and oak-forward with notes of black cherry, tomato paste, fennel seed, game, mushroom, violet, clove studded ham, cumin, cinnamon and nutmeg. Medium-bodied, quite chewy, gripping and astringent. Long finish.

    Day Two: Pretty strawberry and dried cherry notes emerge, along with cumin and paprika. Oak shows itself now as dark chocolate and vanilla. The earthy, gamey mushroom notes are gone. The texture is slightly smoother and more supple.

    Day Three: Still fairly chewy, gripping and dry with notes of tobacco, cedar and vanilla dominating, followed by cherry, plum, fig, red licorice and pink rose.

  • Trade

Organic Wine